MMI CellEctor

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    • Cell picker for automated isolation of individual cells
    • Up to 100% picking/transfer efficiency of living or fixed cells
    • User-defined liquid handling
    • Most flexible cell picking system

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    MMI 3D CellRobot

    • 3 Axis fully motorized and software-controlled
    • Easy swivel device to allow full access to the stage
    • Easily adjustable capillary position (both along and around its axis)
    • Patented capillary protection


    High Precision MMI CellPump
    Motorized  and software-controlled high-precision pump to acquire and deposit cells or particles in defined volumes consisting of:

    • MMI CellPump with 2 nanoliter resolution
    • Pump filling and maintenance accessories
    • Integrated protection from mechanical damage
    • Seamless switching between manual and motorized mode
    • Patented design for easy fill and flush


    Software functions

    • Fully automated or manual acquisition and deposition of cells 
    • Choice of three automation levels, including full automation with scanning of the sample and cell recognition 
    • Complex movement modes of the capillary (skipping of the sample container wall, user-defined immersion and deceleration distance, deposition at vertical walls)
    • User-defined spacing between the capillary tip and the slide with a dynamic correction to compensate for the slide tilt
    • Automated capillary re-focusing options: on the microscope slide or the capillary tip
    • User-defined pump parameter sets for different capillary diameters
    • Automated dispatching of cells onto either grids or any other device (e.g. a PCR tube, cell culture vessel)
    • Automated inspection of loaded grids (spot by spot) with cell recognition and statistics report
    • Automated reduction of excitation times under fluorescence settings


    Consumables Starter Kit CellEctor     

    • Various MMI capillaries and additional MMI consumables for first use