MMI 18-well Membrane Slide

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    • 18-well slides, with a 2.0 µm PEN membrane
    • For living cell laser microdissection
    • 5 Slides

    Dedicated for Living Cell Laser Microdissection. The cells are cultivated within the wells. Afterwards, the slide is turned upside down and placed on the microscope stage. The cells can now be cut with the MMI CellCut and isolated with a standard MMI Isolation Cap (0.2 ml recommended).

    • 18-well slides with a 2.0 µm PEN-Membrane bottom

    • Specifically designed for living cell laser microdissection with the MMI CellCut

    • Each pack includes 5 pieces for convenience

    • Gentle to living cells. Make your downstream applications more efficient to achieve reproducible results

    • Manufactured to the highest standards for reliability and consistency