Master the Art of Single-Cell Isolation

Hosted by University of New Mexico Fluorescence Microscopy Shared Resource

June 3-6

UNM Cancer Research Facility

Free to UNM Students and Staff

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Workshop Overview

Welcome to the MMI Workshop “Master the Art of Single-Cell Isolation” as part of UNM's Microscopy Open House! Our free immersive experience is designed to provide participants with hands-on exposure to MMI's cutting-edge technologies, revolutionizing single-cell isolation. Throughout the workshop, attendees will have the unique opportunity to explore and operate MMI's advanced instruments, including the MMI CellCut Laser Microdissection System, WholeSlide Scanner CellScan, and CellDetector, an artificial intelligence analysis software that automatically detects and counts cells from any tissue.


                                                                      •  Introduction to MMI's technology platforms for single-cell isolation
                                                                      •  Precise and easy laser microdissection using MMI CellCut
                                                                      •  Selective Isolation of single-cells using MMI CellEctor
                                                                      •  Introduction of the Olympus IX83
                                                                      •  Development of whole slide images using the MMI CellScan whole slide scanner

                                                                      Who should attend?

                                                                      •  UNM Students looking to learn more about microscopy solutions and the advantages they can provide
                                                                      •  Researchers / Clinicians looking for single-cell isolation technologies, digital microscopy systems and automated tissue analysis software
                                                                      •  Lab managers or technicians looking to improve their skill level to better support and/or train other users of the instrument

                                                                      Learning objectives after completion of this workshop:

                                                                      •  Understand the principles and methodologies behind single-cell analysis
                                                                      •  Learn best practices for sample preparation and handling in single-cell workflows
                                                                      •  Explore case studies and real-world examples showcasing the utility and impact of single-cell analysis in various fields
                                                                      •  Network with peers and experts to exchange ideas, experiences, and insights related to single-cell technologies

                                                                      •  Have greater confidence with using MMI single-cell systems

                                                                      Ashley Remy
                                                                      Regional Sales Manager

                                                                      Ashley has been working with microscopes for almost a decade, starting her work as a microscopy technician for archaeological research. Soon after, she became a microscopy manager and technician at the Cancer Center in the University of New Mexico which soon brought her out to California as a Sales Representative. We are excited to have Ashley host this workshop and share her microscopy knowledge with you!


                                                                                                                                                                 Many thanks to our host, Michael Paffett, for having us!