MMI CellCut Universal

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    • Laser-based microdissection
    • Gentle and contamination-free isolation
    • For cutting all common biological materials

    The MMI CellCut Universal is a user-friendly laser microdissection tool to isolate groups of cells, single cells, and cell components for analysis across a wide range of applications. The CellCut is contamination-free, reproducible and reliable and optimized for high-quality and quantity DNA, RNA, protein recovery.

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    Universal solid state UV cutting Laser:

    • It can cut thicker CTC filters and thicker biological material.
    • Wavelength 355 nm
    • Maintenance free
    • Extremely sharp focus due to computer-simulated optics
    • Safety devices and eye protection filters


    Laser technology:

    • Actively Q-switched
    • Pulse duration <500ps
    • Pulse energy >2µJ
    • Pulse frequency up to 4kHz MMI Isolation


    Cap & MMI Single CapLift

    • Patented, contamination-free method for isolation of microdissected areas using adhesive cap technology with pre-defined target positioning (PTP) and positive sample inspection
    • Software-controlled positioning, lifting and lowering of adhesive cap
    • Removable Plug & play module for full access to the microscope stage
    • Adjustable contact pressure between cap and slide
    • 3 cap holders with magnetic mount for 0.2ml, 0.5ml and 1.5ml MMI


    CellCut software functions

    • Computer-controlled laser power, focus position and cutting speed
    • Free-hand drawing or predefined figures: circles, squares, ellipses
    • Multi-segment drawing for objects larger than the field of view
    • Automatic cutting of marked areas and collecting of dissected samples, including multi-cutting option
    • Group cutting functions incl. group statistics
    • Automatic documentation with immediate access to report • Serial section function: allows the marking of target regions onto one or more unstained sections by using a stained top section as a template. Differences in shape, angle and position are automatically compensated by the software giving highly accurate results.
    • Z-Drill function: Cutting of wet and thick tissue without the need for increased laser power. The laser is refocused through the sample and so facilitates cutting in a spiral.