MMI CellManipulator

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    • Most flexible Optical Tweezers system
    • Compatible with almost all research microscopes and imaging modes
    • Open-space architecture provides unrivalled free space above the optical trap
    • Finest force measurements in sub-pN resolution
    • Strongest trap with > 1200 pN

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    Laser Optical Tweezers
    The MMI CellManipulator uses a Ytterbium infrared laser with a long wavelength with up to 10 W of trapping power. The wavelength of the laser does not interfere with the integrity of living specimens. The intensely-focused laser beam can hold, move, rotate, join, separate, stretch or otherwise manipulate in three dimensions up to ten microscopic objects simultaneously. The particles suspended in liquid can range from 0.2 to 200 microns.


    CellManipulator laser specifications 

    • New back-port design with two-level options, allowing multi-beam trapping on two Z-levels and 10 time-shared traps per level. (Second level offered as option.)
    • 10-watt high-power laser 1070 nm wavelength
    • Fibre-coupled, allowing separate location action of the light source and laser controller
    • Power stability 0.1% measured at 2 kHz bandwidth
    • Ultra-low power optical trapping with high laser stability due to special design
    • Galvo scanner set, 2 kHz controlled by MMI CellTools software
    • Focus motorized and software-controlled
    • Ultra compact design and excellent mechanical stability


    CellManipulator software functions

    • Laser focus and power control by slider 
    • Creating of the tweezers point by mouse click into the video
    • Removing of the tweezers point by double mouse click
    • Moving of tweezers point by dragging
    • Possibility to define groups of tweezers points
    • Groups can be dragged, rotated and stretched individually
    • Online data acquisition, live display and data streaming to hard drive
    • Trap oscillation methods for force measurement applications
    • Non-essential panels can be folded away 
    • New force measurement and data acquisition module 
    • Support for PI piezo stages


    MMI Consumables Starter Kit CellManipulator
    Includes Microbeads, 2x eye protection goggles, and various disposables for first-application use