MMI CellScan

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    • Whole slide scanner with the highest flexibility
    • Compatible with all objectives, numerous research microscopes and all possible imaging modes
    • Scan your slides in 5 dimensions: XY-Scan, Z-stacks, time-lapse and multi-fluorescence
    • Seamlessly operate from any location

    More information on the CellScan Product Page


    Full resolution whole slide image

    • 25mm x 75mm slide scan in less than 10min with 20x objective
    • Stitching of a huge full-resolution overview image (BigTiff)
    • TIFF file with full resolution layer and lower resolution layers for fast preview
    • Full preservation of the position information
    • The stitched image will be stored on the drive and can be used for external image analysis


    Fast motorized stage control with improved speed and acceleration

    • Speed > 50mm/sec (for MMI stages with 2mm pitch screw)
    • Acceleration 10x higher than with standard MMI Platform


    Fast CMOS camera control for MMI CellCamera VCXU23c

    • USB3 image transfer rate > 160fps (without visualisation)
    • 10 min for full slide scan under 20x (guaranteed with VCXU23c and 2mm pitch screw MMI stage) 

    Single click scans

    • Scan all configured slides with one single button click


    Automated Focus Map

    • Multi-position focusing map for precise motorized focusing during the scanning process, also for uneven samples can be created fully automatically


    Full slide image Viewer

    • Ultra-fast slide viewing with full-resolution images
    • Draw your cutting areas directly into the full slide image
    • Annotate fluorescence scans without bleaching