MMI Membrane Slides (not RNAse free)
• PET Membrane Slides
• For MMI CellCut
• 50 Slides
MMI Membrane Slides RNAse free
• PET membrane slides
• RNAse free, nucleic acid free
• For MMI CellCut
• 50 Slides
MMI Fluoro Membrane Slides
• Ultra-low autofluorescence
• For MMI CellCut
• 20 Slides
MMI PPS Membrane Slides (low autofluorescence)
• PPS membrane slides
• Low autofluorescence
• For MMI CellCut
• 50 Slides
MMI Support Slide
• Supports the transfer process from a cryo section to a Membrane Slide
• Give rigidity to the membrane during sample preparation
• Act as a heat sink to aid reproducibility and ensure the correct placement of the sample on the correct side of the membrane
•1 Slide for repeated use.
MMI 18-well Membrane Slide
• 18-well slides, with a 2.0 µm PEN membrane
• For living cell laser microdissection
• 5 Slides